Looking for bathroom ideas to create a warm, inviting place to prepare yourself for the day? Creating relaxing, spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom doesn’t have to break your bank, or your calendar. It’s actually quite simple for a contractor or a well-educated DIY’er.

And the most amazing part is that you will end up with your new favorite room in the house!

This particular accent wall idea is suited for a stand alone bathtub, but don’t fret. If you don’t have a stand alone tub, you can easily get the same effect behind a sink – in fact, you probably spend more time in front of the sink/mirror so your eyeballs will be just as happy seeing a beautiful stone wall behind it.

If you aren’t familiar with how to install stone veneer, we suggest contacting a local contractor for assistance. But if you want to get a very brief feel for what the project looks like, read on.

First, make sure you select a stone veneer option that aligns nicely with the colors in the rest of your bathroom. If you are going for an accent look, pick colors that contrast against your floor and paint colors. If you would like a more muted look, keep the darks with darks and lights with lights (see example)

Next the wall should be covered with moisture barrier paper which will protect against moisture and water damage over time. Over the top of the moisture barrier, a wire lathe should be applied so that the scratch coat (cement and sand) has a strong, rough surface to adhere to.


After applying the scratch coat, score it with a rough-bristle brush before it dries.


Once the scratch coat is dry, mortar can be applied to the back of your stone and applied to the wall.


There you have it! You now have a bathroom that doubles as a relaxing getaway – or at least a truly unique, calming environment!

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