In the manufacturing business not only is it extremely important to ensure that products are made as efficiently as possible, but it is also important that the entire business is saving energy wherever possible. After all, a lean business means that costs stay down for customers as well.

Taylor Concrete Vice President, Rich O’Connor answers a few questions explaining how and why the process of manufacturing concrete products helps keep their customers happy.

Q: Why does Taylor concrete feel it’s important to run as energy efficient as possible?

[Rich O’Connor] It is critical to be an efficient manufacturer to survive as the economy has slowed and margins have become thinner. Energy efficiency is one part of the equation, along with reducing waste in materials and refusing downtime. This allows the manufacturing of our products to be more environmentally friendly and more cost-friendly to our customers.

Q: How does a customer of Taylor Concrete benefit from purchasing from an energy efficient supplier?

[Rich O’Connor] Customers primarily benefit through the lower costs of manufacturing achieved through energy and overall efficiency. In addition, our products may contribute toward achieving LEED accreditation on qualifying projects.

Q: What steps does Taylor Concrete take to ensure its manufacturing process is energy efficient?

[Rich O’Connor] Taylor upgraded our curing system in 2009 from a boiler to a high pressure steam generator which reduced our natural gas use to 1/3 of the boiler’s and cut the amount of water required in half. In 2010 we upgraded the lighting fixtures in all our buildings including our manufacturing plant to more energy efficient units.

Q: What other things does Taylor do to be energy efficient?

[Rich O’Connor] In addition to upgraded lighting in all our buildings, we employ a hybrid sales vehicle. We also added a lighter delivery truck to our fleet that gets 20% better MPG than a traditional block delivery truck. In our store, we replaced an inefficient air conditioning unit in the showroom with an energy star rated ductless heating & cooling unit.

Q: How can Taylor Concrete Products help design professionals such as building designers, engineers, architects or even the contractors maintain an energy efficient business?

[Rich O’Connor] Our products have attributes that when used in the construction of a building can contribute to the building’s achieving certification under the USGBC LEED rating system.

While searching for building materials, selecting a manufacturer that pays close attention to energy waste and efficiency can not only help reduce the project bottom line and qualify for LEED certification, but also help keep our planet happy and healthy.