Our homes are external representations of ourselves and so we want our houses to look great for our guests and feel great for ourselves. Of course, we can always control those who have the privilege of seeing the inside of our homes, especially during those hectic weeks when cleaning gets pushed to the back burner due to soccer games, doctor appointments, and unnecessary meetings at work, but unfortunately, there is no hiding the outside of your home from the entire world. Although most don’t judge, some do. We’ve compiled a list of of tips and tricks to keep your home looking and feeling amazing, even on a budget


  1. Divide your perennials: The easiest way to make your yard or batio beautiful for years on end is by dividing your perennials for double the inventory. Not only is dividing your perennials better for your flowers, before you know it you will have a lush and beautiful garden with plenty of stock to transplant wherever you choose elsewhere in your yard. For more information on how to properly divide your perennials without damaging them, check out this article by Better Homes and Gardens. There are also several YouTube tutorials that you can watch for a very explicit step by step approach.
  • Trade flowers with your neighbors: After dividing your perennials, you should have an inventory with which you can trade with your neighbors for a larger color palette in your garden or pots on your patio.
  • Build your own fire pit: If done correctly, you can build a firepit that looks like it was professionally done. You can even add your own charm whether rustic or modern. Choose your own stone and check out one or several of many tutorials on YouTube to see how to build it correctly with the right tools. This project has the potential to be difficult and dangerous, so you may want to consult a professional before embarking on it.
  • Get Creative: At most thrift stores you can find a variety of unique pots for plants. You can also find interesting outdoor decorations such as wind chimes, vintage refurbishable outdoor furniture. Another idea is to make outdoor tables using antique windows. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and when you get creative the opportunities are endless! If you have a specific and potentially expense design in mind, think outside the box before opening your wallet.
  • Save on your water bill by conserving rainwater: A lush garden requires a ton of water. Over time this excess water usage can lead to noticeable increases in your water bill. However, plants are used to rainwater and the rainiest summers often result in the prettiest gardens. So why not use that water, the water plants like most, and save yourself some money? You can buy a bin designed to trap rainwater or it can be conserved in small amounts by placing a bucket under a gutter, but Better Homes and Gardens has put together a step by step process on how to build your own rain barrel.
  • Get a consultation: Before dishing out tens of thousands of dollars for design, new products, and a complete do over, talk to a professional first. Most landscapers offer consultations for less than $100 and many will even offer their two-cents for free.
  • DIY: Buy the right tools for DIY as opposed to hiring a landscaper to come by every week. Although your grass may need to be cut once a week, most other lawn maintenance can go up to 3 weeks before needing some tender love and care. If you are physically capable of it, tending to your lawn or patio on your own means that the finished product will be exactly as you expected. If you work in an office, you may even be surprised to find some enjoyment in working outside once a week or every other week.

We’d love to hear any additional suggestions you have in order to make your lawn look the best it can without spending a ton of money. Leave us your comments below!