Between kids, their toys and pets (if you have any) storage can be pretty scarce at times. If you’re like this, finding ways that allow you to squeeze every possible square inch out of your home can help you avoid various inconveniences and headaches. Making your life much easier.
If you’re looking to get more livable square footage out of your home, the basement is a great place to start.



Dry it Out

Water can be a huge problem and is a common occurrence in many basements. If the prep work is done right, it can prevent future issues. If water comes up through the concrete slab, you could install a french drain system around the perimeter of the house. If your basement is constantly damp, Add insulation and an HVAC system to keep it dry.




Pick the Right Flooring

Does your basement always feel damp? If this is the case, it might be best to stay away from carpeting and consider vinyl or tile flooring. If you really want a carpet, think about adding an large area rug that goes on top of the hard surface. This will give you the softness you’re looking for.



Add Electrical Outlets

Many times, there are not enough electrical outlets in a basement to support rooms full of electronics or other items that need to be plugged in. If you need to add more electrical, consider another breaker box that handles the basement separately.



Stay Away from Low Ceilings

When it comes time to replace your HVAC unit, or if you’re getting a new one installed, run the trunk lines around the perimeter of the room instead of the center. This will give you a higher ceiling in the center of the room and look very professional and designer esque.



Brighten with Paint

No one likes a dark basement. Make your basement bright even with limited windows. The most cost effective way to bring light into your basement is by adding brighter colors to the walls. Think about adding light airy colors.




Add recessed lighting in every new room that you create, even decorative sconces in the “hangout” space can do the trick. Don’t be concerned if you think the lighting will be to as you can always add dimmers.

These are just a few things you can do to get the most out of every square foot of your home. Make it a great place to be in and the kids will love it (and so will you).