Homeowners take on major renovation projects to their home all the time. More often than not however the do it yourselfers encounter unexpected problems that put them way over budget and push back the completion date. That just comes with the territory though right?

Not necessarily!

While we can’t predict every potential problem that may arise, you can temper your budget and timeframe expectations by going undercover first. In order to do the project right and make it look nice and functional, you need to focus on the bones of the house to bring it up to date.


Check Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC

Homeowners looking to undertake a huge project like this will need to do an in-depth inspection of their home’s electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. While often times homeowners put a lot of thought into the finishings of a project, they often overlook the parts that can’t really see. There are certainly a lot of hidden costs you have to take into consideration.

Up to Code

Bring it up to Code

Another step that homeowners usually don’t anticipate is any work needed to bring their home up to current building codes.Not every remodeling project needs these extra improvements, but major projects that require inspections often times do.

Code requirements vary from city to city, adding an extra layer of complication. It is important to make sure you understand what the code requirements for your specific area.

is it worth it

Is it Worth It?

Though renovating an older home is more challenging than building a new one, the extra effort can certainly be worth it. Older homes usually offer more charm than newly-built homes and with renovations can be made comfortable and livable for generations.

An architect can help homeowners navigate through the trickier parts of the renovation and in some cases save money and headaches in the long run. It is very difficult when you’re dealing with putting an air conditioning system in an old house, and with all these other components, it is very much like a puzzle. It has to be put together perfectly. That is where an architect’s expertise comes right into play.