The warm weather is on its way out and cooler temperatures are here. Does that mean your patio has to sit idly as the months pass? We don’t think so! In fact, fall is a great time to take advantage of the outdoor space. There are a number of ways you can enjoy your backyard living area.

Keep it Warm and Comfortable

patio heater

One of the main reasons people enjoy having a patio is because they want to be able to entertain outdoors. The cooler weather however, causes a bit of a dilemma for homeowners who aren’t equipped. To battle the issue, consider buying an outdoor heater to help generate the warmth you need to stay comfortable.

There are a variety of options from table-top to wall-hanging, there are many different types of heaters that will keep you and your guests warm on the patio. Another alternative is installing a fireplace. Not only will it generate the heat you want, but the kids love it as they can roast marshmallows. Free standing fire pits are usually more affordable but you can incorporate a fire pit into your existing patio.

Get Covered


Fall winds can quickly cool your outdoor patio area and leave you wanting to be back inside. However, if you use the right coverage, you can keep the warmth in and the cold weather at bay. Consider a canopy or other enclosure that has transparent or even screen doors and windows that allow you to take in the views but not the elements. You could even consider permanently enclosing a portion of your patio, this will cost quite a bit more however.

Light Up Your Night


Spring forward, fall back. Shorter days and longer nights come with the fall season. As daylight fades, you will most likely want to head indoors unless you have a patio with the right lighting scheme. The style of lights you choose is totally up to you! You may choose tiki-style lighting or even overhead appliances. For a fun look, try stringing, lights around the space, which works especially well if you have a deck or other structure supporting it.

Add Some Foliage

Add foliage

Fall is often a time that people take plants indoors, but there are some that actually do the best in cooler temperatures. A perfect example of this is joepye weeds will bloom up until the first frost. They can be planted along your patio, as they can sustain full sun or partial shade, though they should have some type of shelter from harsh winds. Fall is also a great time to plant winter ready trees like maples. Adding color to your patio space creates a much more inviting environment.

Create a Fall Family Room


For many fall means football. No matter who your team is, you exactly where you’ll be come game time. But being glued to the TV during the game means missing out on the great fall afternoons. If this is you during the game, you’re in luck. There are now TV’s that can not only be used outside, but they can actually be stored out there too.

The main point of having a patio is to use it, and there are many ways you can take advantage of it even into the colder temperatures. You can create a great living space by using the right furniture, decor and lighting scheme. Keep things warm with outdoor heaters and the right kind of cover.