With Spring right around the corner, our imaginations are starting to run wild with projects that we would love to work on when the weather breaks. And one of the most popular projects (besides getting a tan) is to build a beautiful patio to lounge and have fun on. With the endless possibilities for creating a haven in your back (or front) yard, how do you know where to start?

Taylor Concrete has put our heads together and rounded up our top tips to planning your perfect patio this Spring.

What is the purpose of your patio?

The most important step to planning a new patio is to figure out what the purpose of it is. Will it be for you and only you? If this is the case then a small, quaint area filled with pavers and minimal seating might be ok. But if you plan on throwing ginormous parties with you an 100 of your closest friends, you are going to need a large area, with many places for guests to gather, sit and converse. You also have to think about where they will set their drinks or snack plates.

Another question to ask yourself is would you like to add a fire pit or fireplace to your patio?

What kind of accessibility will it need?

The next thing to plan is what type of accessibility will the patio have? A kitchen or dining room entrance is common so it’s easy to grab a plate of food and get out to a patio table. Maybe you have an open kitchen/dining area/living room – in this case maybe an extended patio with two entrances would be ideal.

Are you planning a “getaway” patio? The purpose of a getaway patio is to getaway from the commotion; so you may want some exclusion with shrubs, trees and a walkway entrance. This will require a path from some exit of the house and maybe a small retaining wall.

What size fits your needs?

Let’s go back to the purpose of the patio? Large, wide-open patios are perfect for parties and gatherings, while smaller patios are more intimate and great for relaxing with the family. Of course you need to build the patio to fit the amount of people that will be lounging on it; but let’s also think about the cost. A large patio can become costly, but for someone that has weekend BBQ’s it might be totally worth it! Set your budget before diving into construction.

What shape fits your needs?

While thinking about the size of your patio, also think about the shape that would best suit your home. Does it need to wrap around a corner, or is a square patio ideal? Are there different levels with steps? You should decide whether you are looking to make a beautiful statement with elaborate designs or if function is your most important attribute.

What materials will fit the project?

Building a patio with pavers allows you to have virtually unlimited options of shape and color. Make sure you do your homework and/or hire a professional to recommend options based on house color, accent color and any other features in your backyard.

What features will surround the patio?

This is the final, and very important step before you start making moves to build a new patio. Now that you have drawn out and planned the best size, shape, materials and your budget – it’s time to add the features that will make your patio comfortable. Think about tables and chairs, a fireplace, a grill, planters with flowers, maybe surrounding shrubs and gardens?

The possibilities are endless so get a pen and a paper and get planning! (Oh and if you need any help, give us a buzz)