Description Participants will be presented information regarding code regulations, design & connection details, system benefits to the owner, occupant and municipality of building multi family housing of 2-hour concrete and masonry. They will be able to compare this system to other materials, determine corresponding benefits and design restraints to better translate an owners intentions into a unique and fire safe built environment
Credit Info 2 LuHours
This program has HSW credit
Dates and Locations Ongoing by Appointment / Multiple Locations
Cost Usually complimentary, some venues require a small fee or deposit
Content Level Mixed
Topics Covered Design
Information Technology
Livable Communities
Other: code requirements, testing standards
Formats Given Annual Program

Provider Information

Provider Name New York State Concrete Masonry Association
Program Number ASTM-1
Point of Contact Richard O’Connor, NYSCMA certified QMP
Address 20475 Old Rome State Road
Watertown, NY 13601
Phone (315) 788-2191
Fax (315) 788-1591