Description Participants will better understand the dynamic and process of potential water migration in masonry wall systems. Successful design expectations require attention to quality product specifications, proven design details and industry recommendations for successful water management. Reference resources available on complimentary disc to participants. Types of walls discussed such as cavity walls, veneer walls, single wythe loadbearing, barrier walls.
Credit Info 1 (LU Hours) 2 (Quality Level)
HSW? Yes
Dates & Locations Ongoing by Appointment / Multiple Locations
Cost Usually complimentary, some venues require a small fee or deposit
Content Level Mixed
Topics Covered Information Technology
Performance Technology
Formats Given Power Point presentation (Other Format)
Annual Program

Provider Information

Provider Name New York State Concrete Masonry Association
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Program Number PPT-A2
Point of Contact Richard O’Connor, NYSCMA certified QMP
Address 20475 Old Rome State Road
Watertown, NY 13601
Phone (315) 788-2191
Fax (315) 788-1591