Can you believe 2017 is less than two months away? Neither can we. Design trends are always changing and 2016 was no different. As 2016 come to a close, we look back on the design trends really caught on this past year.


Geometric Tiles

Tiles are getting bolder and geometric tiles were very much “in” this past year. These tiles were used for kitchen backsplashes, guest bedrooms and even outdoor spaces in the form of cement tiles. These kinds of tiles really are a great choice when you’re looking for that wow factor.



Gray’s really made a splash in 2016, and not just lighter grays, but darker grays including charcoal. As gray continues to grow in popularity, we’ve seen it showing up more as a paint color in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. It really is a great option if you want the darker color but don’t want to make the room feel too small.


Graphic Pillows

Like artwork, throw pillows are an amazing way to add some color and character to a space. Bold and graphic pillows were in this year. Pillows are great because they can be changed in and out and are very versatile.


Neutral Color Palettes

While tile and throw pillows are all moved toward the bold and graphic, calm neutral color palettes were also among the “in crowd.” There was a move back toward more understated, simple color schemes that managed to feel very classic and modern.


Metallic Wallpaper

Wallpaper is another trend that’s stayed strong throughout 2016 more specifically, metallic wallpaper. Silver, gold and copper is finding its way into a variety of wallpaper collections, and it really brings some sparkle and interest into a space. If you’re hesitant to cover the entire room in metallic wallpaper, try using it solely as an accent wall.

There you have it, just a few interior design trends we saw pick up steam throughout 2016. Will they carry into 2017? Only time will tell.