Having a great outdoor space is like adding another room to your home. If done correctly, you can relax in the sun, dine outdoors in the evenings, and entertain friends. With spring upon us and summer rapidly approaching, many have been itching to get outdoors and enjoy their patio.

But what if you currently don’t have a patio? Or, what if your tired looking patio is in need of some TLC? Well you’re in luck, we’ve got some outdoor space ideas that will have you wanting a drink while lounging in the fresh air before you know it.

Outdoor Kitchen


A kitchen is the space in the home we all love to gather together. Summer time however, is the time of the year for getting out of the house. If you love entertaining friends or eating dinner outside with your family, an outdoor kitchen could be perfect! It gives you the opportunity to stay outdoors, cook, eat, drink and socialize in the beautiful weather.

Retaining Walls


If you’re looking to reshape the contours of a sloped property so you have flat areas where you can enjoy a patio or a lawn, retaining walls can be a beautiful option. While these walls do an incredible amount of work, they can be creative and eye appealing factors to your homes curb appeal.

Include Great Decor


Since your outdoor patio is basically another room, you need to furnish it right? Weatherproof furniture sets that include a couch, coffee table, chairs and ottoman help create the perfect outdoor living room. Adding a durable rug helps complete the space.

Appealing Patio Railings


Railings and barriers are traditionally very bland and can take away from the beauty of a patio. By incorporating the same material used in your patio “flooring” into your railings, you will create an even more eye appealing patio.

Fire Pit


Implementing a fire pit into your patio adds ambiance, warmth and another place to gather with friends when you entertain. Kids love it too as its perfect for toasting marshmallows. Best of all, it allows you to enjoy at least part of your patio all year round.

Enhance Your Pool


Your patio is an integral part of the poolscape and it showcases how you like to spend your time outdoors. With your patio being used for entertaining, sunbathing and dining among other things, it’s important your pool’s patio design matches your lifestyle. Pool patios can be quite boring with simple concrete so get creative and make this space more eye appealing. A perfect way to do this is to incorporate Belgard pavers into this area.

Escape the Sun

Escape the Sun

Adding a covering to your patio enables you to enjoy a hot summer day without getting too much sun. If offers the perfect outdoor living space for pools that are a bit further from the home. From a cabana to a wooden pergola with Cambridge pavers to a custom pavilion, a covered patio is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the shade.

Build into a Hill

Building on a hill

Patios built next to a slope or hill tend to look unfinished. By tiering the hill the walls you can add an eye appealing dynamic look that complements your decor. To add an even more dramatic effect, you can include a “water fall” to give your tiered wall a creative look.

Incorporate Designs

paver design

Repeating the same design throughout your entire patio can look bland at times. With your beautiful decor you want the add creative elements into your patio right? By simply adding a different pattern like the circle above, this can be another eye appealing element your guests will notice. You’re even able to “dress up” these different patterns by putting a flower pot or table in the center of it. The pattern will accent and compliment those pieces.

Building Close to Water

Patio close to the water

Much like an “infinity pool” can add a dramatic effect to an edge of a drop off, patios can very much do the same thing. Situating your patio right at the waters edge can add a dramatic effect and enhance the beautiful views. Just make sure to be careful you don’t fall in!

Build Steps


No one likes walking uphill, even if there is a little path. By adding steps to an incline, you create a flow from your outdoor room, to rooms within your home. Steps are just plain practical as well. If you’re entertaining a lot, it makes it easy for your guests to get to and from your home especially when carrying food and beverages.

Add Pillows


With both family and friends enjoying a summer evening on your patio, seating will be prime real estate. Adding pillows is a really inexpensive way to spruce up your decor. Even better, its a great way to add extra seating for the kids. Placing pillows on your stairs instantly becomes stadium seating!



Fences don’t have to be boring, and they shouldn’t be! It’s the first thing guests see when they enter. It’s the gateway to your patio. Incorporate matching pavers from your patio into your entryway for an eye appealing entrance.

Enjoy the Views


Don’t want to spend a ton on a patio but you want to create a spot where you can enjoy the views? Creating a “mini patio” at the edge of your back yard adds a focal point rather than just grass. It is a spot you can enjoy the views with friends and family, and can be a perfect spot to add a firepit.

Accent Your Decor


Pillars are perfect for complementing and adding a dramatic effect to your patio. They look great in your landscaping and around taller plants if you want them to blend in rather than stick out. They are also perfect for placing flower pots on top.

These are just a few things you can do to make your backyard as beautiful as it can. What things have you seen that can inspire you to create a great looking patio?