Colder temperatures and soon, falling leaves serve as a reminder that the fall season is fast approaching. As the seasons change, so do our activities and home needs. Even though summer isn’t officially over just yet, it’s a good time to do some seasonal maintenance to keep your home running smoothly. We know the weather can change quickly, especially in our area. Some attention now will save costly repairs and aggravation later.


Stow Your Mower
Fuel stabilizer could be your best friend soon. If your mower sits for months with gas in its tank, the gas will slowly deteriorate, which can damage internal engine parts. Fuel stabilizer prevents gas from degrading. Adding stabilizer to your gasoline can keep the gas already in the tank in good condition over the winter. It’s important to run the mower for five minutes to make sure the stabilizer reaches the carburetor.


Bring in Hoses
Remove garden hoses from outdoor faucets. Leaving hoses attached can cause water to back up in the faucets and in the plumbing pipes just inside your exterior walls. If freezing temps hit, and they will, that water could freeze, expand and crack the faucet or pipes.


Walk around the perimeter of your home with a couple tubes of color matching exterior caulk. Seal up any cracks between the trim and siding, around windows and door frames, that includes where pipes and wires enter the house. Preventing moisture from getting inside your walls is one of the least expensive, and most important tasks of fall maintenance jobs.


Clean Out Gutters
Clogged rain gutters can cause ice dams, which can lead to expensive repairs. After the leaves have fallen, clean your gutters to remove leaves, twigs and gunk. Make sure gutters aren’t sagging and trapping water; tighten gutter hangers and downspout brackets. Replace any worn or damaged gutters and downspouts.


Check Your Furnace
Schedule an appointment with a heating and cooling pro to get your heating system checked and tuned up for the upcoming winter. It’s important to change your filters too. This is a job you should do every two months anyway, however, if you haven’t now’s the time. If your HVAC includes a built-in humidifier, make sure the contractor replaces that filter.

As you enjoy the last days of nice weather, make sure your home is prepared for the upcoming fall season. Preventative maintenance now will save money on expensive emergency repairs and wasted energy costs.